How Insurance Agents Can Leverage the Power of Video Email

As an insurance agent, adding a video to your everyday email will help you improve your overall client communications. Video email works because it’s personal, informative, and effective.


Here are three ways that insurance agents can leverage the power of video:






First Introductions

Your first interaction with your client should tell them who you are. You can talk about why you love being an insurance agent and you can also discuss the policies that you have to offer. Early on, building this personal relationship with your client will help you gain their trust and boost your credibility. 

Following up with your clients is a must, and not having the time to possibly maintain the perfect follow-up with your customers will demean your chances of selling. Here comes the next best thing: a personalized video in their mail. If they need insurance, then they need assurance, and that's where you come in with a video email that helps them connect with you instantly. It's a two-way street for you and your clients. Make those video emails bounce back and forth between you and your clients. It's flexible, confidential, and absolutely free!

Personal vs. General Videos

The first video email that you send should definitely be personalized for your recipient. Say their name at the beginning of the video to grab their attention immediately. It will feel as though you are talking directly to them, and they’ll be more inclined to engage with your video message. 

A general video message is great for explaining specific policies or communicating very general information, such as FAQs. These can typically be recorded once and stored in your video library to be sent out at any time.

Educate your client

Insurance policies can be information overload for some people, especially when it comes to reading long pieces of text. Taking a couple of minutes to record a video and educate your client about their options can go a long way. It will help your client choose a policy that is best for them while also helping you showcase honesty and transparency in the message.  

Your clients will also appreciate the fact that you took the time to record a personalized video message that will help them understand things better. 


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other ways that you, as an insurance agent, can leverage the power of video email. 


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